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The Story:

On June 28, 1941 invading German military forces captured the Russian city of Minsk.
Within a few weeks, the city's Jewish population was confined to a ghetto.

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See and hear more Jewish partisan experiences in the 19 minute documentary.

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Interviews from the Underground producer Phillip Alloy first became aware of Russia’s World War II Jewish resistance movement while conducting genealogical research in the former Soviet republic of Belarus.

Education & Seminars:

Over the last 15 years Phillip Alloy has traveled numerous times to the former Soviet Union conducting research and gathering information on Russia’s World War II Jewish partisan resistance.

New Film In Production:

In 2001, Phillip Alloy returned to Belarus for further filming and to conduct historical research in the national archives. In addition to obtaining many hours of eyewitness accounts, Alloy obtained dozens of written documents and hundreds of rare historical photographs from the war era.


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