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Over the last 15 years Phillip Alloy has traveled numerous times to the former Soviet Union conducting research and gathering information on Russia’s World War II Jewish partisan resistance.

During this time he has assembled one of the largest private collections of in person video interviews, written documents, historical photographs, books and primary resource material.  He is currently concluding his Master’s Degree thesis on the subject of Russia’s Jewish partisans and ghetto underground resistance.

Mr. Alloy is available to offer presentations and educational seminars on many subjects relating to the Soviet Union and Jewish partisan activity including:

  • The World War II Jewish armed resistance movement
  • Life as a partisan
  • The ghetto underground
  • Women in the resistance
  • The Railway War
  • In the Footsteps of Our Ancestors: Tracing Russian Roots
  • Travels in the former Soviet Union
  • Establishing rare or historical book collections
  • Locating and securing historical documents in foreign countries     


Contact Phillip Alloy for additional information or to schedule a seminar.